Law Office of Nikki G. Maples, PLLC

Travis County Courthouse Campaign

On November 3, 2015, members of the Travis County community voted against the bond needed to build a new courthouse. For years, our voters and community members have walked the halls of the dilapidated and dangerous Heman Marion Sweatt building, the Travis County Courthouse. Nikki G. Maples has volunteered on committees to make a change. Nikki encourages everyone in Travis County to walk through the building and conduct a personal inspection of the conditions. Specifically, take note of the damaged ceiling tiles from the years of leakage from the dated plumbing. Also, notice the conditions and functionality of the remaining operative elevators. Travis County CourthouseIf your curiosity is peaked, a tour of the courthouse can be arranged and the extreme state of the exposed wiring and crumbling walls will be revealed.  More importantly, the black mold that rests on the walls creates hazardous elements to which our Travis County employees are exposed every day while sitting at their desks.  The environment in the courthouse building that serves such a large population on a daily basis is utterly inexcusable and, frankly, embarrassing for such a wealthy community.  Nikki has donated her time and resources to this cause, along with many other members of our legal community, and the news of the rejected bond was devastating.  The opportunity to educate the people of our town is now. The opportunity to make the change will surface again in about two years. Our only hope is that no one is badly injured or falls gravely ill from the conditions of the building. Until then, the legal community will continue to educate and shamelessly beg for attention to this cause.