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Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

On October 18, 2015 Nikki Maples attended the annual Planned Parenthood Fundraiser. This year’s fundraiser dinner invited a rambunctious crowd as the recent governmental issues surrounding funding for Planned Parenthood had just hit the headlines and created a huge setback for many of the healthcare facilities.

PPThis recent movement contributed to passionate speeches by Kirk Watson and Ken, Lambrecth, CEO of Planned Parenthood, who expressed their gratitude to the loyal supporters who return year after year to attend the same annual dinner and pull together to raise money for physicians, nurses, support staff, equipment and all things needed to continue providing safe and affordable healthcare to women. The highlight of the night was the guest speaker, former US Senator Olympia Snowe Senator Snowe spoke about the rights of women’s health as being a human right – not a political right.  Senator Snowe continued to emphasize that politics has no business in making decisions about women’s healthcare. Without a doubt, the several hundred guests were charged and the energy in the room led to passionate financial contributions marking a record total of more than $828,000.00 in contributions in one evening at the annual Planned Parenthood Fundraiser and, by far, one of the most successful years thus far.