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Impact Austin Philanthropy Day 2017

Nikki G. Maples, a member of Impact Austin, was proud to attend Austin’s Annual Philanthropy Day to celebrate Impact Austin as an award recipient recognizing the philanthropic efforts of the members of Impact Austin. It was a touching day, which honored several non-profit organizations in Austin, Texas, but Impact Austin truly represented one of the greatest non-profit movements in our community. Impact Austin is an organization built of 500 female “movers and shakers,” who open their wallets every year, devote their time to reviewing grant applications, and dedicate their efforts to the needs of local non-profit organizations in the community.


The impact of our members allows 5 non-profit organizations to receive grants of up to $100,000.00 each year. The receipt of these grants can sometimes launch an organization into greatness. So often, a non-profit organization will have a brilliant idea for an under-supported need in the community, but the organization has an inability to execute the idea due to funding. The women of Impact Austin provide opportunities to these brilliant ideas.


To learn more about Impact Austin, check out their website: